Pregnancy and Birth

Pregnancy is one of the most special times of your life. Homeopathy can provide you with the gentle and effective care to make it a happy and healthy experience.

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I met Esme 10 weeks in to my first pregnancy and two days later my nausea disappeared.  Since that time Esme has helped with all my three pregnancies and births, a miscarriage, post natal care and the general health of my family.  She is a talented homoeopath but also has a wealth of knowledge with regards to health and illness.  She has helped me to make informed choices with regards to the well-being of my children, helping me to decide when to intervene with traditional medicine or not.  Esme armed me with a birthing kit and in depth detail of how and when to use.  During my first labour (inevitably the hardest) the baby’s position was back to back.  After repeating the appropriate remedy, and much to the midwives surprise, he turned around and came out the right way round.  This is just one of many wonderful examples I have, where I cannot doubt the power of homoeopathy. Esme has tackled every illness albeit acute or chronic with such positive energy and has been there for me throughout until the house is once again filled with laughter and smiles.


This testimonial does not represent evidence, but the personal opinion of this patient after treatment

Below are listed some of the situations in which homeopathy can be helpful:

During pregnancy:

morning sickness, fatigue, cramps, threatened miscarriage, water retention, pre-eclampsia, constipation, high blood pressure, backache, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, malposition, post-dates and emotional problems

During labour:

pain-relief, failure to progress, irregular labour, fear and anxiety, exhaustion, ill-effects of drugs, excessive bleeding, retained placenta


physical trauma, after-pains, prevention of post-partum infection, mastitis, breast-feeding problems, post-natal depression


Shock after birth, neonatal hernia, jaundice, retention of urine, constipation, inflammation of eyes, colic, sleeplessness, abnormal crying, thrush, feeding difficulties, cradle cap, recovery from circumcision

Homeopathy alongside your orthodox medical care

Just as in the treatment of chronic disease, homeopathy is there to support the patient in whatever birth choices they feel most comfortable with. This will range from a purely homeopathic approach to a more integrative form of healthcare combining the benefits of homeopathy with orthodox medical care.

What I can offer you

Treatment for any problems that may arise before, during or after pregnancy and support through the delivery itself.

If you opt to have your baby at home I can be on-call between agreed times to attend when you are ready and stay with you for the duration of labour.

I also have experience of working within a hospital environment if this is where you wish your baby to be born.  I recommend that people choosing to receive homeopathic treatment in hospital during labour include this in their birth-plan.  I have found that hospitals tend to be very receptive to the presence of a homeopathic practitioner and I have enjoyed positive collaboration with midwives and other medical staff.

I offer three different birth packages to suit individual needs:

        Package one consists of an introductory consultation in which I explain the basic principles of homeopathy and how to apply these in the context of labour.  I loan a kit of relevant remedies with information on how to use them and provide a useful handout. If required, a longer consultation can be given at this time and a homeopathic prescription made.

Package two includes all of the above and treatment by myself in the days before, during and immediately after labour.  I will endeavour to attend the birth and be on-call between agreed times for a three-week period.  I have found this option tends to provide significant reassurance for both partners.

Package three provides all of the above and also homeopathic care and support throughout the pregnancy to address any emotional or physical needs as they arise.

Please call me to discuss your personal circumstances.

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